100% rent relief for all Queen Vic Market traders

100% rent relief for all Queen Vic Market traders

In recognition of the?unprecedented and difficult times currently being experienced by our?traders,?we are pleased to announce that Queen Victoria Market Pty Ltd and the City of Melbourne will?support Market traders with?100% rent relief?for an initial period of three months from 1 April 2020.

We do this in the best interests of preserving our great Market and all the?600+?small, family businesses that make up our wonderful Queen Vic Market trader community, and to ensure that we can return to business as usual as quickly as possible when that time comes.

This is an extremely difficult situation for all Queen Vic Market traders and 100% rent relief, as well as ongoing business mentoring and?other?support as part of our COVID-19 Trader Support Package, will go a long way to ensuring the future of the Market.

We will continue to work closely with?our traders who are working extremely hard to?ensure customers have access to fresh, high quality, local produce and?do everything we can to keep the Market open and serving the community.

We know this is a tough time for all Australians?but what?has?really made this easier is the ongoing support from you, our customers. So, on behalf of our traders, we give you our heartfelt thanks for continuing to shop at the Market and supporting our many stallholders.

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